The economy is based on information technology. Living in the digital age, it is important that we promote privacy.

It is not only about complying with privacy laws, but also about accountability, openness and transparency. It is about building and maintaining employee and customer trust. Demkor’s experts offer a culture of privacy through research, tools, maps and training.

Based in Montreal, Demkor works tirelessly to provide you all the necessary tools to achieve compliance by design. We offer a comprehensive web-based tool which will increase your team’s productivity when dealing with a data breach with the help of our BNR.Finder. The latter consists of research findings gathered into one place to ensure timely compliance with post data breach reporting requirements. In addition, Demkor provides your organisation with PRIV.Tools comprising of templates that range from policies with respect to staff reporting obligations to forms that consistently track said reporting activities. What’s more, our experts pride themselves on their ability to design your team’s personal privacy complaint process map tailored to meet your organization’s requirements per PRO.Maps. At last, put your mind at rest with our BE.Trained program intended to shape your team’s approach when faced with data breach management through our trainings and watch your employees transform into seasoned privacy experts.

Meet Demkor: Not your average privacy experts. We are skilled but are also interesting, dedicated and fun.


We work as a single united team with our clients to help them achieve compliance by design effortlessly.