Good business practice is not only about complying with privacy laws, but also about accountability, openness and transparency. It is about building and maintaining employee and customer trust. Demkor’s experts offer a culture of privacy through research, tools, maps and training.

Demkor works tirelessly to provide you all the necessary tools to achieve compliance by design. Our experts utilize their research skills to assist clients with their privacy and data protection concerns. Demkor helps build a reliable internal system to address privacy matters. We navigate the web for you and enable your employees to work more efficiently by providing precise answers to their questions instantly. We always strive for significant results which will in turn stimulate our customers’ privacy thoughts.

Further to annual memberships to access Demkor’s solutions, Demkor also offers data breach management and policy drafting in compliance with different regulations as an as-needed service.



Research findings gathered into one place to ensure timely compliance with post data breach reporting requirements.


Templates that range from policies with respect to staff reporting obligations to forms that consistently track said reporting activities.


Design your team’s process maps tailored to meet your organization’s requirements.


Shape your team’s approach through our trainings and watch your employees transform into seasoned privacy experts.

Contact us for all of your privacy compliance needs!