Comply with post-breach regulatory requirements efficiently.

Technology is universal. Personal information is controlled and processed by businesses every day. In 2018, there was a data breach every 7 hours in the United States of America alone, bringing the number of affected American data subjects to 446.52 million. Article 82 of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation allows for breach victims to receive compensation for material or non-material damages from the data controller or processor. In 2018, British Airways was threatened with a $650 million class-action lawsuit further to a data breach.

Demkor offers a unique platform with curated content intended specifically to help businesses worldwide in complying with post breach regulatory requirements including, but not limited to, GDPR, PIPEDA and state specific legislation. Demkor’s research is relevant in today’s society as technology has become an integral part of businesses.

When your business, as a data controller or processor, has to comply with newly implemented regulations and legislation, responding with a sense of urgency is critical. Demkor’s BNR.Finder, along with its continuous support, will help enable companies that suffer from breaches to be productive in an efficient and timely manner.

Demkor is dedicated to assisting you with its database by helping you manage the appropriate notifications and by addressing your challenges against these requirements. This platform is designed in the most comprehensive manner including easy access for your convenience and the option to download your notification letter or form.




Be efficient with the data breach and the privacy complaint process maps.

Standardize your practice. Demkor offers process maps which create a visual representation of the work that needs to be done across different departments. The benefits of a process map include, but are not limited to, lowering costs and improving efficiency by focusing on the actual work that needs to be done, rather than on job titles.

You can also work with Demkor directly to create 3 process maps a year that fit your organization’s specific needs.




Maintain employee and customer trust through tools.

PRIV.Tools will shape the way employees respond and react when they encounter a privacy breach. For example, Demkor offers “template” policies regarding the obligation of employees to report all breaches. Our tools will serve as a guide to employees encouraging them to report all privacy breaches accordingly. This will be necessary for the company to be able to comply with the recording and tracking of all breaches. Demkor also offers a template form to track these.

Demkor’s tools encourage organisations’ staff in developing a whole new state of mind despite new ideas and innovations being presented at any moment. Demkor’s privacy risk assessment tool embeds privacy in your employees’ minds. Demkor’s tools infix a habit of thought in relation to the protection of privacy in personnel within your organisation.

Privacy is not exclusively about dealing with incidents or breach management but it is also about keeping privacy and data protection in mind perpetually. It is fundamentally about a culture of privacy.




Train your employees to think of privacy in everything that they do.

Employee training allows your employees to develop and strengthen specific skills and knowledge to improve their performance. Training your employees will help you reach consistency while being more efficient. The goal is to automate the thought of privacy.

Demkor offers many trainings that are ready to go for your team to present or to circulate to your employees. Employees have to understand the importance of privacy and how it applies to them. They need to be aware that their actions could easily hold the company accountable. Teach your employees the why before the how.

You can also work with Demkor directly to create 1 additional personalized training a year.



We work as a single united team with our clients to help them achieve compliance by design effortlessly.

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